• How Sweet it is to be Loved by You

    When Jesus said that he could only do what he saw the Father doing, what was he doing? Healing the sick, setting those bound by oppression free, loving the least of them and stopping to listen and do whatever the people asked of him. If they needed healing of blindness. he healed it. If there… Continue Reading

  • The Children of God

    The ultimate submission to God’s Will is where you die so that you can live in Him and He in you. He has filled you so full of His spirit that there is nothing left that you can do but go where He takes you and do what He is doing, because it isn’t your… Continue Reading

  • Prayers Part 2

    The second time I remember praying was when my marriage was struggling and it seemed like things were coming to an end. I prayed in my head and asked for God to forgive me and help save my marriage and family. About a month later, I was running to the bathroom to throw up, and… Continue Reading

  • My Prayer Journey Part 1

    The first time that I remember praying as an adult was when my dad was going into brain surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ. The doctors were without confidence about the surgery, and we were told that they had no idea what would happen once they opened him up. They had never seen… Continue Reading

  • It Is Time To Arise

    Do you know that God is waiting on us to turn and help the weak and the lost? He told me that as soon as His people turn and help others, He will take us up. God is good! He is Love itself! There is nothing better anywhere! I share that, because it is crucial… Continue Reading

  • Are You Called to be a Crusader of Love?

    If you feel like God has called you to go deeper, and become a light in a world of darkness to help rescue the lost and hurting lives, you can start now. This is a journey to do what Jesus did and become the disciples that share the truth by going into areas that need… Continue Reading

  • Mocking Spirit

    This story is so bizarre that I couldn’t make it up if I tried. I was in excruciating pain from what appeared to be an issue with one of my back teeth. The tooth in question was covered in a crown that was placed on it three to five years earlier. When I arrived at… Continue Reading

  • Pray Bigger and BELIEVE

    When I was caring for the little ones at the department of child safety in late 2015, I became a beloved daughter of God that was well pleasing to Him. I’m not saying what I felt like, I am repeating what He said to me. I felt like a failure that never got anything right.… Continue Reading


    Last week a friend of mine was in terrible distress over her brother being in a coma and not knowing how things would turn out. I asked if I could visit him and pray for him, and she said yes. I did and nothing seemed to change. The doctors wanted to discuss taking him off… Continue Reading

  • Joy

    When the world tries to stop what God has already promised will happen, just laugh and know that God always wins and evil is destroyed with perfect love! God will be exalted in the earth and all the nations. The children of God will all be praising and singing with shouts of joy and laughter… Continue Reading

  • Broken for Love

    A heart that is full of mercy and compassion for others is a heart that is broken for God’s purposes in the earth. While we are filled with an aching inside for those that are suffering, we begin to cry out to God for help to see them rescued and restored. God isn’t mad that… Continue Reading

  • Seek First The Kingdom of God…

    I had a visitation from God a few years ago on Good Friday 2016. The night before the visit a giant angel was in my backyard. I didn’t actually know it was an angel at the time, because all I could see was what seemed to be a red beam of light coming from the… Continue Reading