Exalt Jesus Not Oppression


Only love can destroy evil completely. God was able to take the most fearsome man around- killing all the christians shortly after Jesus was taken up, and turn that man into a faithful and sold out servant for Christ. In fact, that man was responsible for writing more of the New Testament than any other. His name was Saul but later changed to Paul. How can we be so fearful of people that have no understanding of the love of God, or the transforming power of the Holy Spirit working in a person?

When fear comes in, it’s time to arise again and stand in faith with the truth around your waist and a sword in one hand of God’s Word, and a shield of faith in the other hand. Let the helmet of salvation cover your head and the breastplate of righteousness cover your chest. Put those gospel shoes on your feet and run to spread the good news of God’s Kingdom coming through for all who will believe and accept the Truth!

Jesus saves in the darkest of night for all who call on his holy name!

He is faithful and full of mercy and grace to save even those in the outer darkness. Call on His name and be saved from the destruction.

Published by Zion

Child of God, wife, mother of three, and an advocate for abused, neglected, orphaned, afflicted, addicted, impoverished, diseased, children and adults. I love living the adventurous life in Christ, and I can't wait for everyone to understand how amazing and wonderful God's love is for them! My days are jam packed with miracles, joy, beauty and above all LOVE! The Lord is faithful and His Word never fails! BELIEVE

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