70 missing children, including sex trafficking victims, found in Texas operation

The missing children, ranging in ages 10 to 17, included victims of sex trafficking and physical and sexual abuse. They were found in Texas, Colorado and Mexico.
— Read on www.fox10phoenix.com/news/operation-lost-souls-70-missing-children-sex-trafficking-victims-found-texas-operation

This story is another proof that God answers prayers and that nothing is impossible when you believe and pray for God’s divine intervention.

Every so often I pull up the missing and exploited children website and begin going through as many of the lists of children as possible and praying for their rescue and safe recovery that includes healing for all that they have suffered.

I know most of the youth are abused in their own homes and that is what causes them to runaway, so when I pray for them, I also pray that they won’t be brought back into a dangerous home, but will have the loving support of a Christian family that truly abides in Christ.

There are so many opportunities for people to pray for the healing and rescue of others in this world, I urge everyone to find their prayer life by beginning to pray for their coworkers, their children’s classmates and parents, the school teachers, police, nurses, fire men, leaders, judges, inmates, musicians, actors, who ever and where ever! There is no list or limit to who a person can and should be praying for in this world. Everyone needs a Savior and no one is too far gone to pray for them.

We need more prayers and more hearts that are tender towards the heart of God, so that all are healed and given hope and a future.

Below are the photos of some of the missing children in my state for the last three months. I forgot that I took screen shots of them after I prayed.

We can all do this together and see great rescues and lives restored.

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