God’s Justice is Eternal

God is faithful and will never go back on anything that He has confirmed and established by His Word. When people grab ahold of this Truth and realize that they actually are the ones making the choice to live blessed or cursed by either agreeing with what God has already proclaimed as the destiny for the latter days on earth, or to allow the lies and deception of our enemy to take hold of our hearts and souls and lead them into sickness, poverty or foolish pride and arrogance which causes blindness and deafness to the Kingdom of our Lord.

People can hear God’s voice and many do and they brush it off as their conscience or inner voice that is trying to direct every person on the correct pathway, but the outside voices of the world often make it difficult to hear and discern what is right there with them.

Sometimes the voice of the church causes people to be blind and deaf to the Truth if the church is not abiding in the Love and grace of our Lord Jesus. It is necessary that the people turn and help others so that the fullness of God’s blessing can pour forth to a united people of faith and all those who call upon the name of the Lord who will be saved from the wrath to come.

These are the days of vengeance and recompense for the people to be rewarded for good or everlasting shame. Today is the day of salvation for those who hear His voice, so don’t ignore it, but open your heart to allow for Him to make needed corrections and fill it full of His great mercy and grace.

The one who is forgiven little loves little, but the one who is forgiven much, loves much.

This is how they will know we are His people, by our love for one and other.

America is known as the land of freedom and opportunity, but Americans can go to the other nations and bring those same blessings to them, and there would be no more battle over the illegal immigrants or needing to build walls to keep people out of our country. This is what the church was meant to do during these times. To go and help rebuild the war torn nations and bring them into God’s light of Salvation.

Please understand that the issues we currently argue over here in the United States of America are all resolvable by believing and doing what is written in the scriptures. If the nation would wake up and rise up in love and abide in that love and truth of Jesus Christ, the darkness would soon be completely conquered by the Love that will be birthed.

Love wins!

Published by Zion

Child of God, wife, mother of three, and an advocate for abused, neglected, orphaned, afflicted, addicted, impoverished, diseased, children and adults. I love living the adventurous life in Christ, and I can't wait for everyone to understand how amazing and wonderful God's love is for them! My days are jam packed with miracles, joy, beauty and above all LOVE! The Lord is faithful and His Word never fails! BELIEVE

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