Serve the Lord by Loving Others and Doing Good

ALL Christians must help the lost, the broken, the afflicted, oppressed, and even the people that have caused so much pain for others. People have to be told the Truth about Jesus and the good news that all people can be free of everything that they formerly could not be free of, and can freely come to the Father for reconciliation and be adopted into the family of God. All people have the right to be set free and reconciled back to the Father, but many don’t know that they are being called to come home right now. The gay and lesbian community, the agnostics and atheists, the drug dealers, sex traffickers, gang members, the people who openly declared they would never accept a God that would allow such awful things that happen in the World, and every single person from every nation in the World!

All people are welcomed to call on Jesus and be saved, and all of their sins and former life will be instantly washed away and God will not remember anything at all that anyone did once they accept Jesus as their Savior. That is pretty good news for all people, but I don’t think that many of them understand the urgency to turn to Jesus right now, nor do they understand that there is no other way out of here without Jesus.

I don’t know if I am supposed to share all of the things God said that day, but I want to make it clear that He told me three times about how people must turn and begin helping others right now. He didn’t say it with a carefree tone. He was very serious the third time He said it. I knew it was not going to be enough for people to just donate a few bucks in the offering bowl at church on Sunday and think they were doing good for others. But I was instructed not to force people or guilt people into helping and doing what is good and right. I was told to lead by example just like all of us are told to do by following Jesus. I followed Jesus and did what was written in the New Testament, because Jesus said to do it or we would see our lives crumble if we built them on any other foundation and way of living. It wasn’t hard to do those things because they were already in me as desires that I wanted to do. I was more afraid of not doing what was good and being displeasing to God than I was ever afraid of telling people how amazing Jesus is, and stopping to help total strangers on the streets. I knew God’s heart, and I knew that He doesn’t approve of our cowardly responses to people, because I had turned away from helping a young homeless girl about six or seven years ago, and I was later suffering from an issue that I kept insisting that God was going to heal and I didn’t need to see a doctor. Well one day when I was starting to worry about not being healed God spoke and said that I was asking Him to help me, but when He sent a person for me to help, I refused them and blocked them on my phone. He was right and I did it because I thought the girl was too damaged to bring to my house where my kids would be around her. I was so terribly wrong and I immediately corrected my wrong behavior and evil thoughts, and I was also healed immediately too! The girl ended up living with our family for a few years, and she is now finishing up her degree in criminal justice. She was 19 and homeless when God put her in my path. She aged out of Foster Care and had no one to help her. She had been abused and gave birth to her step dads baby at age 11, but not before her mom tried to kill her and the baby. A horrific childhood that seemed too much for me to know how to help her. God didn’t need me to fix her. He needed me to love and keep her safe with a home and family. He loved her so much that I was heartbroken to think that I could ever have pushed her away when she desperately needed help. I have taken many strangers into my home since then even if just for a chance to let them shower and get clean clothes and some food. It is so hard to see people hurting and alone on the streets, so I go around and help them as often as I go out. Sometimes it is only to find specific people that God wants me to find, but sometimes it is to feed the masses of homeless in Phoenix. I am not sharing this stuff for my benefit. It is of great importance to all the churches and the people to understand. God expects us to do big things like -open our homes to the homeless, -foster the children in state care. -Adopt those that have no families or chance of being reunified with their birth parents. -Skip the vacation in order to pay for a single mother to have electricity for the summer -Buy new clothes for the children in foster care -Lower the rent for a struggling family living in a home that you own. -Purchase an apartment building for a nonprofit to create housing for youth aging out of foster care. -Stop buying more sports cars and expensive jewelry and start building up the ruined cities and countries like Honduras or Venezuela. -Fund a home for unwed pregnant teens so they don’t think they have to abort the baby because they have no where to live if they keep it. -Go to court with the young people that are locked in jail for minor offenses and have no one to support and help them, because they were homeless and on drugs. -Pay for those same people to be released from jail so they don’t have to spend a year in jail waiting for their cases to be resolved. The majority of these young adults are from the foster care system and they are unable to get free from these pits that the enemy has made unless people like us step in and pray and help. The bail money is mostly under $1000 and usually $100, so there is no reason for them to sit in jail for 16 months because they couldn’t come up with the $1000 or the $100 bail. It costs the taxpayers an insane amount of money for these kinds of injustices, but those people are told they must pay massive fines even after being released to cover those expenses. It is all a ridiculous broken cycle created by the devil to destroy the poor and make it look like the rich and the political leaders are to blame for it all. The division and chaos is not supposed to take down the Christians, but the people of the church are supposed to take it down with the authority given to all who believe. It is time to begin praying and seeking to know what God wants you to do and how you can help right now. It is going to be a wonderful celebration when we are all free and leaving behind the old for a brand new home with God

Published by Zion

Child of God, wife, mother of three, and an advocate for abused, neglected, orphaned, afflicted, addicted, impoverished, diseased, children and adults. I love living the adventurous life in Christ, and I can't wait for everyone to understand how amazing and wonderful God's love is for them! My days are jam packed with miracles, joy, beauty and above all LOVE! The Lord is faithful and His Word never fails! BELIEVE

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