True Happiness

If you really want to know how to be happy and live a life of wholeness where you are satisfied right now and not looking for the joy that you believe you will finally have in seven years when the debt is paid off or you find a husband and have a family, or you have that perfect job and success. Those things are extras, but alone they will never be enough to satisfy your soul and give you that feeling of joy on a daily basis.
There is only One way to find completeness, and it doesn’t cost you a penny, but it is more valuable than all the gold and jewels in the world. Until we find the perfect love that comes from God, we will always have an unfulfilled desire in our hearts, and we will never find anything to satisfy that desire in this earth. The reason is simple. He made us and when He did that, He gave us a desire that makes us need Him.
I see people working so hard to find that joy through everything from jobs, relationships, materialistic things, family, social status, but they refuse to believe that there could be a God that is able to become their most intimate best friend that not only wants to share your joys with us, but wants to cause that joy to be constantly increasing through the awesome gifts and love that He shares with those that really know Him and live in His constant presence.
I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for what I found when I found this perfect love, and I would even give away all that I have to follow Him anywhere He asked me to go in the world. That is how awesome this One is! There is NOTHING that compares to this awesome God of mine! He is not just for me, He is ready to make your life beautiful and complete also, and He only wants to help us have a better life. He has no strict laws as the man made religions have tried to convince the people for way too long, but He seeks mercy and love from us and that is it!
Wow a God that asks us to love each other and to forgive one another and to love Him above anything else doesn’t really seem that tough to me. I have walked through the fire and felt the heat of this world as it tried to melt my flesh, but then I discovered a God that promised to keep me safe and guide my every step to make sure I never fell into that scorching heat of this world again. He told me that if I could remove all of the negative from my eyes, than I would soon look up and discover that all of that evil was gone. He promised to fight my battles for me, and to lead me in joyous victories every single time!
Who is willing to give up the control and finally be a winner every single time they do something?
I know most of us think we are all good and that this fairytale life is just not possible, but I have a different set of beliefs that I received from God Himself and they not only promise me better tomorrow, but they give me a better today!
Anyone that really knew me a year or two ago, can tell you that I was a mess! Always late, and stressed out beyond belief, up too late, working so hard to save the world or at least the children in it from abuse and neglect, sickness and poverty, and that is still my passion, but now instead of losing every battle that I used to fight to help these little ones, I step out of the way and go straight to my King! I share my love to help and He shows me how to help in ways that cost me no wasted time and worry, but have an Impact far greater than anything that I could ever do on my own! He is the One that gave me this passion, so of course He knows what I desire to see and He is eager to give me all of the desires of my heart.
I just wanted to share this because a few people have asked me how I can be so confident that I am believing the right way or the correct God. I know for a fact that there is only One creator of the universe and all that is in it, and I have read His “how to guide” which is that wonderful book covered in dust in many homes called the Bible.
Do we have to read it to be a Christian? You don’t have to do anything but believe that Jesus is who he said and that his blood was enough to break every chain and give you freedom.
So if you don’t choose to read the Bible, you will miss out on an amazing gift that never stops giving, and you will never have all that Jesus paid for you to have in this life and you will probably die too young and be sick in your body, but it’s up to you how you want to live or die. I chose to live and so I read the words of life and I read them daily for encouragement and to keep my faith strong in the Truth.

Today is the Day of Salvation

What is freedom? Are we really understanding what it means to be the home of the free and the brave? We pledge and declare to be “…one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” but the people all seem to be blind and without God’s Truth abiding in them.

Are we a nation locked up in fear of catching a virus? I understand that many have suffered greatly from the evil of this sickness, but we can see this virus completely removed from our nation and the nations of the world if we choose to believe in God’s Word.

We simply ask in prayer that our loving Heavenly Father step in and help us by breaking the stronghold of fear and sickness off the people right now. We ask in faith that our wonderful Jesus be glorified and honored by making his name and power known to the lost and to the afflicted lives suffering so terribly across the world right now.

There is a solution and it doesn’t require years to see it working. It is the Lord Jesus our righteousness and our mighty deliverer and savior of the world. Jesus is the solution to every problem and his free gift to us is himself. We are able to receive healing in our bodies and minds, as well as in our relationships, finances, and families. God is a restorer who already gave us the antidote for all of the evils of this world. Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

He has received the highest honor and glory for laying down his own life and taking upon his own body all the sins of the world. He was whipped and put to death on a cross while the Father turned away for that brief moment and Jesus was left completely alone and abandoned by all his friends, family and the Father. Jesus went to hell for three days so that no one would ever have to go there, but those who reject the love and mercy of God’s salvation will be eternally separated from the glorious presence of God that keeps us in health and perfects us in love. This is not for after we leave this earth. It is salvation for today! Today is the day of Salvation for all who have yet to receive it by faith in believing on Jesus as the Son of God who is able to save even to the outer most parts. Call upon his name and be saved! All who call on his name this day will receive the full salvation package and be restored to full health.

Believe in good and reject the evil! I don’t care what the experts say, no one is higher than God, so believe what He has already declared from the beginning! Peace, health, prosperity and a future that is good for those who choose to agree with Him. Agree with the devil and you will continue to have sickness, poverty and spiritual blindness.

Jesus didn’t die for his own sins, he gave his life for us to be set free! His one selfless act of obedience to the Father, made it possible for us to be given immunity from the punishment of our sins. He did it for all of the sinners, the rich, the poor, the addict, the businessman, the politician, the nurse, the police officer, the prostitute, the beggar, the Banker, the oppressed, the shamed and the outcast, and he did it so none of us would ever have to suffer that same punishment for sin again! God’s justice for all who choose to believe in Christ is ruled in our favor and we flourish in the Truth!

We are free when we know the Truth! Free from all that we formerly could not be free of in this life. It is a supernatural exchange when we receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord and we ask Him to come and live inside of us and take away all of our sins so we can live with him and never be locked out of eternal life and the blessing of God. We enter an eternal, unbreakable covenant of peace. We are reconciled back to our Heavenly Father and we are no longer a cast away drowning without a life preserver. We will not sink under the waves, because we now have the righteous right arm of God holding us up!

I don’t care what it looks like in the natural. If you will simply speak words that agree with God and not allow corrupt communication to flow from your lips, you will see the glory of God arise upon your life. Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened! Believing God’s Word as your highest authority and eternal truth will keep you from sickness and evil.

God’s thoughts are only good about you, and His plans and purposes are always to build you up and make you stand strong in the Truth, so you are able to reign and rule in this earth and overcome the enemy. The blood of Jesus and the word of your transformational testimony of Jesus healing and delivering your life are the only keys you need to be an overcomer! Trust God and believe that Jesus is not only able to keep you from falling, but he will also teach you how to receive the love that perfects each of us to the highest realm of God’s glory.

It is truly a matter of BELIEVING God’s Word or rejecting it and accepting the lies of the one who came to kill, steal and destroy every man. Choose life by choosing to believe in Jesus! Read the Word of God and it will become your life and you will not be caught in the web of deception that the enemy has laid for those in darkness to be trapped.

God is good. God is love.

No one else is good apart from God. This is the Truth. If something is good, it is of God. If it is evil, it is not of God. Negativity-complaining, speaking words of hatred or death over people all from the realm of darkness. This is why you pray for all people and all nations. You bless and you don’t curse! Stop back biting others and start blessing and being obedient to God by loving Him and others.

Stepping Out For Jesus

Two quick stories from my adventures with Jesus:

I heard about a teen girl that was really sick and maybe going to die in California a few years ago, so I hoped in my car and drove there alone on my birthday.

I showed up at the house and had never met any of them, but they asked me to come in and share with them what God had for them to hear.

I was totally freaked out and thought I was gonna be a big disappointment to that family, but Jesus is the healer and I just had to step out in faith and believe for her healing to manifest. She was healed and helping others a week later.

I went to the hospital about six months ago to pray for a man in icu that I didn’t even know his name, and I went alone because it was a friend’s brother and they said he was gonna die. I wasn’t even sure if I was praying over the right person that day, because no one was there but me and the nurse. I saw the life come back to him as I spoke to him while he was in the coma.
They tried to say he was going to be taken off life support a few days later, and I got mad and began crying out to God to save him!

I said, “God, you said that these signs would follow those who believe, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover! I did that and I believe, so that man has to be healed, because it is written truth!”

I then added, “let him wake up and look right at his sister, so she knows they are not to pull that plug of life support!”

As I was speaking I felt something break, and my head was pulled upward as if to be looking into my Father’s face, and it was over. The man was healed immediately!
He did exactly what I prayed! He woke up and looked at his sister. The man is totally healed and left the hospital a week later.

God is good!

Purified Through Prayers

“”Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the night watches! Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street.””
Lamentations 2:19 ESV

I came across this scripture back in 2015, and I took it to heart. I began praying every night for hours and hours asking for God to help the children in the Arizona foster care system and those that were abused and taken into captivity by sex traffickers and other evils.

I prayed for every kid that I heard about and all those that I would never meet or know anything about. I prayed for their parents, their teachers, their futures, their safety, their dreams, their hearts and their souls. I prayed so much that God finally came and spoke to me to answer some of my prayers in my hearing.

He told me that all of my prayers had risen up and filled His bowl. He told me that I know longer needed to fear or fight this battle for the children alone, because He was arousing Himself and coming out to put an end to the things that were happening. He said that I would soon look up and there would be no more wickedness. He even assigned Angels that day to help me. He said that whatever I wanted to do and had been trying to do, but had been denied or blocked, would no longer be hindering me.

It was the greatest news that I ever received! I couldn’t wait to see how many kids would be saved and how much good would begin to happen in my state and nation.

To be continued….

My Encounter with God

There is a simple solution that makes me so heartbroken to know and yet, no one else seems to understand or believe what The Creator of the universe and all that are in it has said will destroy evil completely, and that is pure love for one another that comes from Him. It almost seems too simple to be true that love is the solution. We all heard it so many times in cheesey love songs that it makes it seem like just a sappy dreamers solution, but I tell you today as the Lord lives, He has spoken to me about this.

I prayed for two years asking for a way to stop the evil of child abuse and sex trafficking.

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon a few days before Easter, I was lured to my window when I saw a vapor of mist in the air. I looked out the window and what was once believed in faith, was instantly made real!!
I heard a voice asking me what did I see? I was shocked, yet completely at peace and overfilled with an amazing joy and love that was encamping me along with the beautiful sparkling bubbles of lights and in the middle was a mini sized tornado thing. I answered and said that I think it is a whirlwind, or some force that is spinning the air around. I was correct He said. Lol. I laugh because it still seems so impossible to actually have a real encounter with what most people will never believe is possible. I probably didn’t believe it was possible either until I was there, and it was happening for real to someone like me. “Someone like me”, meaning that I have no special gifts or greatness, and I am a sinner that loved to sneak away to gamble at the casinos too often, and that was just one of my many sins and faults! So why would I actually be talking to God the Father?

Well, He told me that I was His beloved daughter that he loved with an everlasting love. He said that He knew that I had been suffering many disappointments that were causing me to harden my heart, but that I need not be concerned about being left behind or forgotten as He knew I felt by the world. He said that He had a special purpose for my life, and that the whirlwind that I was seeing was what my prayers and blessings for strangers had done to the atmosphere. He said that the currents had completely shifted the direction of the winds, because of the love that I was expressing for others in spite of my own circumstances of guilt in sin, financial stress, watching hopes and dreams be crushed, etc. I will be honest in saying that my problems are nothing compared to so many others around me, and I don’t believe that I was in need of being comforted by that visit, because I was actually singing and filled with joy right before that happened.
God didn’t come to pull me out of the ditch, He came to show me that no matter how far we feel we have fallen in sin, He isn’t worried about that, because He knows that He is able to remove that sin from us at the correct moment.

God told me that He had an answer for me on how to stop the evil that is destroying lives at birth with drug addicted parents, poverty, abuse, depression, mental illness and disease. He said the answer is LOVE. He said that love is the only thing that can completely destroy evil. He shared more with me, and His words were in a much more God like flow, but most people will have a hard enough time even trying to accept this as truth, and I would not share it today if I didn’t know that this was the correct time that people start to be awakened and aware of this reality that many have believed was a fairytale, myth or a lie, but the lies are actually the ones that have been coming from the evil destroyer known as Satan who is ruler over the earth.
He has convinced far too many people that God is not real or that He is a bad God to let people suffer and die, but the truth is that, Satan is the one that has caused all of the suffering for people in this earth. When sickness is suddenly causing total panic and fear by the entire world, it is truly the time to repent and turn to God believing that He is good and ready and willing to help his children.

All who call on the name of Jesus will be saved. Please don’t delay to tell the Lord that you are sorry and you didn’t know he loves you so perfectly and wants you back in His arms safe from the evil of the world, and not blaming God for all that He didn’t do nor did He ever want anyone of his creation to suffer or die.

We all still have a choice that we can either give up and live in misery, or we can love others more than our own circumstances and begin changing the lives of others through that love, because that is truly the only way to make the world better for all. Be reconciled back to the Father by accepting the gift of Jesus as your substitute for punishment of all your sin, and know that Jesus paid a high price for your freedom, healing, and place with the Father.

It isn’t about who did what or blaming anyone. It is about loving everyone, because we are all created to love and be loved.

Mocking Spirit

This story is so bizarre that I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

I was in excruciating pain from what appeared to be an issue with one of my back teeth. The tooth in question was covered in a crown that was placed on it three to five years earlier.

When I arrived at the dentist office I was seated in the chair and had my eyes closed while they took x-rays of my mouth. The moment that I closed my eyes, I saw a flash of an image that looked like some weird monster characters that you see on products for kids. It was odd and I opened my eyes and asked God what on earth was He trying to show me. I didn’t get an answer, but I had to take another x-ray and when I did, I saw that same image flash in my mind of the little creatures. I was excited to find out what was going on with these images, but I quickly forgot about them as the appointment went from painless x-rays to a fierce extraction of a crown.

The dentist worked for what seemed like thirty to forty minutes pulling and tugging and twisting trying to take the crown off of the tooth. He was getting frustrated and had broke two of his dental instruments so far on this one tooth that refused to let go.

As he asked his assistant to retrieve yet a third tool that he could use, he said, “This is crazy! It is almost like this tooth is mocking me!” He went on to say how much effort and the ways he had been trying to pull the crown off of it that were all unsuccessful. As soon as he said the tooth was mocking him, I instantly saw that image in my thoughts again and it just clicked that it was a mocking spirit that was responsible for my misery under that crown.

As the assistant returned with the new tool, I closed my eyes and in my head said, “In the name of Jesus, I take authority over you mocking spirits-GO NOW!”

I truly wish I had a video recording of what was happening in the natural, because the dentist sort of made a shrieking sound like he was startled and he began laughing with the assistant as they were amazed at what they just witnessed. He then began sharing with me how he hadn’t even touched the tooth yet, and it was like the crown just jumped into the tool. He said to the assistant, “Did you see that?!” She replied, “I did! That was crazy!” As they laughed and finished the procedure I thought over what had just happened and whether or not I should take the risk of sounding crazy and tell them what had happened from the spiritual side of the ordeal. I could hardly believe it and I have seen many supernatural things and witnessed many miracles, so I chose to not share my side of the experience with the dentist that day.

I was able to share with him how much good he could do by helping at a local boys group home in Queen Creek that houses hundreds of teens in state foster care. He agreed to search more into that, and when I went back for my next visit he was no longer working for that office.

I still don’t know the full extent of what or why these mocking spirits attack, but my daughter is dealing with an ear infection that was finally healed and now the other ear is hurting her. I have a sense that I am recalling this story today for her benefit. When something keeps coming back that should not be an issue, and has no reason to be causing suffering, I dare you to consider this as an opportunity to take authority over these mocking things and boldly tell them to be gone in the name of Jesus!

No one has to know about what they look like, but they sort of resemble the photo below. I told you that I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

We are a new creature in Christ, and we don’t have to live with the monsters anymore! We are now seated in heavenly places and have access to all the tools we need to thrive.

Miracle Testimony From TLC

The testimony is from a service at The Little Chapel in Paradise Valley, AZ.

The Chapel services are held once a month, and everyone in attendance should expect to be healed.  The Minister is Sara O’Meara.  She received a miraculous healing of terminal Cancer over 40 years ago at a Kathryn Kuhlman service.

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