The Chain Reaction of Love

God is love.                 images

That is a simple sentence, but in those three little words there are 7,424,002,276 lives in grave danger without understanding the impact of this truth.  That is a massive number that can’t fully be understood by a person that is unable to see past the number 1 out of those 7,424,002,276 human lives that are currently on this earth.

The truth is that it is a great big world out there, and maybe 20 or 30 years ago it was impossible to know what was happening in other areas of the world without visiting them, but today we have access to people all over the globe.  We have news stations that report news around the world 24/7, and we have access to the world at the tips of our fingers as we tap the keys of our laptops, or even our smart phones that are as vital to most humans as the air they breathe each day.  With all of this knowledge, that is so readily available, how is it that we have all become so uninformed of what brings real value in this world?

Every Christian has made the choice to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to live in the love that comes from the only true God.  With the acceptance of Jesus in our lives, we are given the keys to God’s truths, and we are expected to become doers of these truths and not just hearers of them.  I invite you to join me in sharing the love of God with the world by encouraging you to pray for others everyday.

We can change the entire world through our daily actions and choices to either pray and bless the lives around us and in other parts of the world, or if we choose to only live for ourselves, we will contribute to the evil that continues to breed and thrive in the selfish greed and desires that we add to the world through our inaction to love others.

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For all of those that are suffering in the guilt of sin, God wants you to understand that all sins are washed white as wool for anyone that has called Jesus Christ their Lord, and accepted him into their heart.  Jesus was the only one that was perfect to sacrifice himself for all the sins of the world.  All that you have to do is accept that he is your righteousness, and your sins are cleansed by what he did out of love for the Father.

If Jesus loved and trusted God enough to lay down his life all the while being soaked in the defilements of the whole world, why do we have such a hard time trusting God is able to do all that He has said He will do?

Cast your cares on Him, because He cares for you!  Let go of the pain, and receive the love that heals and brings you into truth.

If you have an illness, an addiction, suffer from oppression, depression, poverty, abuse, sexual impurities, and any and all unclean and destructive Spirits of this world.  God says that you don’t have to bear that burden alone.  He is able to help you overcome this world, but if you keep running from Him, this will cause delay in your life of true freedom and  perfect love.  Run to Him, because He is waiting with outstretched arms and an ocean of mercy!

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