I truly feel like God deserves to have His great love story for each of His children known, because it is not our legacy that we are creating with our work in Christ, but it is the Lord’s story, and the testimony that we should share to help others better understand who God is, was and is to come.


We each have a piece to the puzzle in this building of the Body of Christ known as the Church, and my piece started long ago, but it wasn’t until 2014 that my eyes were opened to the truth and reality of God’s great love that pulled me into an intimate relationship with the Creator and God of all.  I love looking back at the moments of my own journey, and seeing how God was in control even before I realized it was His hand that led me to where I needed to be for the purpose and plans that He has for me.

About six years ago, I became aware of the serious issues facing the Arizona Foster Care System, and the massive number of children suffering from abuse and neglect in the United States.   As much as people wanted to ignore the horrific reality, I was more determined to change them.  We don’t like to hear about the harsh sufferings that are not seen, and I assume it is because we think there is nothing that we can do to help, but pretending it doesn’t exist will only allow the evil to continue destroying lives.


Not that God needed me to point out the areas, because He was the One that showed them to me, but I do believe that it requires prayers by us to initiate changes that are needed.  Of course, that doesn’t always happen if the people that see that areas that are broken just try to fix them on their own and forget or don’t know that God is the solution.  I learned that by my own self-efforts which of course ended in one failure after another.  I finally felt utterly defeated after a long battle to have prevention programs put in schools failed, and I had no where else to turn, so I decided that it was time to turn to God to see why He didn’t care about these hurting little lives enough to stop the evil.

Jesus and a child

Little did I know that He cared more than I did, and that He was just waiting for me to turn to Him and ask for His help, so He could roll out His awesome plan and we could begin to see lives transformed and systems removed and new ones created that His hand was involved every step of the way.  The first prayer I spoke to God about this issue, went like this, “God, I have tried everything for two years to help these kids that are suffering, and nothing has changed!  In fact, things are only getting worse as the numbers had escalated by 40% in the kids coming into state Foster Care.  Please Lord, I can’t do this without you!  I am asking if You will please just save one child a day from this evil of sexual abuse that steals the innocence and lays the foundation for a future of broken devastation in a child that lasts a lifetime of pain.  I don’t need to know the child that you save, because I trust that you will do it, but I ask that you also show the person that is about to cause the harm what it is that they are doing, so that they never do it again.  If that means they go to jail, or they just get awakened to you, or both, I don’t need to know how or why.  I just need you to know that I am believing that you hear me, and that you care about these lives too.  I ask these things in the name of Jesus.  Thank you God”

Three days later I was told that a girl was being taken to a safe house after she was rescued by police in a sex traffic bust of under age youth.  As soon as I heard this, a voice spoke to me and whispered, “This is the one that you asked me to save”.  I couldn’t believe that I was going to actually get to meet this girl, and that God really did this just like I had believed!  There was one issue on the date that the girl was rescued according to the safe house, wasn’t the date that I prayed that, so I insisted that they find out if the girl had been rescued a day earlier, even thought the woman was positive it had to be the day that she got the call from police.  She was wrong, and God sent someone to find that girl immediately after I spoke my prayer that night.

Here is the really cool part, when the lady called the police back, she found out that the girl was one of 168 kids that had been rescued that same night in several states along with 280 pimps being arrested!  She asked me if I knew about the busts, and if that was how I knew the girl was rescued the day earlier.  I didn’t know about it, but when she told me, that same voice whispered to me again and said, “I want to do bigger than just one child a day!”

That was the beginning of a journey that I am still walking through in Arizona to see God do what no government, organization, police, or person could ever do.  He is building a state that no longer allows children to be destroyed by evil, because He loves these children and He has great plans for each of their lives!  He is my closest friend and my greatest strength and protector two years later, and I know that when I pray and ask for His help, He hears me and knows that I am sincere in my asking and trust Him to do what I could never do, and He never fails me.  I wish that everyone could know this awesome and loving Father like I know Him now, because they would never put trust in people or themselves again if they knew that God wants to be the One that does the work for us!

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