My Life in Christ

The power of prayer-

People that know the power and favor that comes on the ones that make it a lifestyle to pray for all people and circumstances, know that there is no greater power than the one that comes from being intimately close to the Father.
When you live for God’s purposes only and are able to let your life be crucified in Christ, your life will begin to look like a total outcast.

People place God and the power of God into their understanding and cage him to be very minimal in their life and the people they pray for also.
How big can you dream? How much can you believe God to do?
When I go to help with the kids coming into state foster care at the DCS placement center, I hear a lot of negative talk about what is wrong with people and kids that have been wounded by those people, but I try to keep it all out, because I am not there to complain about what is wrong with everything in the world.
I am there to bring the light of hope and the healing touch of heaven.
I take whatever baby they hand me or any kid that seems in the most lonely and sorrowful place when I arrive. I try to help as many kids as possible, but sometimes there is only time to help one or two, so I pray for the rest of them after I leave, so that God can send others into their lives to bring them hope in Jesus Christ.
I don’t always feel like I am doing much for God, because I want to do so much more, but I am determined to help everyone that is in my path daily, because I can.
Sometimes I go driving around just to sing and worship God and lighten up the atmosphere where darkness tries to block out the light of love.
I have seen the most severely afflicted people come out of a bound up place of heroin addiction simply by caring about them. By telling them about the love of God, and having them share the hidden traumas that caused them to be bound up with an addiction in the first place.
My heart aches for all of those who are so ashamed and wrongfully blamed.
I spend a lot of time helping people on the streets, and there are some very awful things that have caused people to be on the streets, but the only thing that I really need to know is that God loves them, and He wants them to know they are not forgotten. They are not a mistake and they are not meant to live alone and broken. Jesus paid a high price for every life to be set free and fully blessed and reconciled back to the Father.

Do you know what the Truth is? It is Jesus. The best gift anyone could ever hope to receive! Love of all that is good and right and always a beautiful and happy delight. He turns the night into day and the hurt into healed and whole. He is the perfect destination and the one and only place where I want to live. Apart from him, there is nothing that a person can do that will last or benefit anyone.
Once you know him intimately, you will never want to do anything without him again!
He is my prayer partner and my best friend. I have so much love for Him that words will never be enough to describe this wonderful love!

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